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Layers Resin Art Commissioning

Commissioning art from Layers Resin Art is the process of requesting us to create an artwork, based on your personal requires. There are many reasons why our customers commission artworks. Sometimes, a client needs an artwork in a different color, shape, or design than the original.  

We know that commissioning art can be intimidating, especially for the first-time buyer. For this reason, we want to easily explains the whole process.

What to do first?

When commissioning an artwork first you must decide whether you want an art piece that’s based on another artwork or a completely different piece. Layers Resin Art will be happy to remake the artwork, even if the exact copy is impossible due to technique or style. Other times, people want a more personalized art piece, for example, a portrait of themselves, a family member, a landscape, or something else that carries a personal meaning.

If you are not sure about what you want, Layers Resin Art can help you decide what kind of art piece suits your needs.


What is involved in a Commission process?

Every commission process will include:


The description of the project:

After setting a meeting with us, that could be personal, online or by phone call. The consultation should start with a loose description of everything you verbally agreed on (the size, colors, materials, subject matter, and other details of the composition).

The description of the project with all the requires will be send by email for review and approval.


Payment agreement:

The customer must review and confirm all criteria established on the description of the project. Follow by payment of the artwork through one of our pre-established payment methods.

Paying in advance is important, as it allows artists to purchase materials, and cover their initial expenses.

Note: Changes can be arranged if solicited on time. Some changes can increase the cost of the artwork and a payment for the difference must follow before the change can be applied. Also, changes can alter the timeline previously estimated.


Creative Process:

This process is where Layers Resin Art would detail their requirements. For example, if you want a memorial gift, we may ask you to send several clear images to be included in the artwork. Also, this is the part where you arrange how often you’ll receive visual updates, depends of the magnitude of the artwork.



It’s important to mention that even when you purchase a piece, Layers Resin Art still retain legal rights to it. We will want to include an image of the artwork in our portfolio or website. If there’s a reason why you don’t want the art piece to be featured on our website (for example because it’s a very private portrait of your loved one or a portrait of your house) make sure to state that in the description of the project.


Shipping Strategy:


When the artwork is complete, the costumer will receive a notification with details of the project (including pictures). After two days of this notification, if the customer does not reply, the project will be process for shipping. When your order has shipped, you will receive an email notification from us which will include a tracking number you can use to check its status. Please allow 48 hours for the tracking information to become available.  We ship our packages from Toronto and used Canada Post. Canada Post's delivery standard is 2 - 10 days. 

Please review and ensure that you have entered the correct address. We are not responsible for non-delivery due to errors in the address that you provide. If an order is returned due to an incorrect address. Customer should pay shipping fees before Layers Resin Art could ship again the package. 


Open for Commissions

Commissioning art is a great way to get more affordable art pieces, personalize your collection, or acquire artworks that complement your living space. It is a very personal process for everyone involved and can require a lot of work. But the effort will pay off at the end when you receive a one-of-a-kind art piece, tailor-made for your collection.


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